Why should you have your gutters cleaned regularly?


Moss, leaves, branches, feathers, seeds, litter, etc. Anything carried on the wind or a wing will land on your roof. Despite England’s regular rainfall that would wash the gutters clean, residue build up and a few storms can leave them gradually filling up and becoming ineffective.


Unchecked or left, it can lead to further damage to the structure of the roof line. Water pouring off over the gutters damage flower beds below or create slip hazards with puddles. Pests can find harbourage either in the gutter or through damages caused by the heavy muck-filled gutters. A prolonged gathering of water can cause damp or pour into areas that gutters are intended to direct it away from.  Downpipes can also become blocked up and extend the issue further!


Initial clearance will help establish the conditions and quality of the gutters. From there on, seasonal check-ups and services may be required to ensure gutters remain effective. This routine can protect and prolong the life of the gutters, fascias, roof and more. Whilst giving you peace of mind.


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