Why have your Windows cleaned regularly?


Rain, dust, traffic grime, droppings, etc. Your windows are what you have to appreciate nature itself, tell the time of day and protect you from the elements. With the regular rainfall in the UK, they can be rinsed regularly. However, the dirt already there on the window or dirt and grime in the rain or blown in with the wind, makes already dirty windows worse.  Hard to reach windows in high-up places can also become quite caked in the mire of dirt and unsightly bird droppings.


Not cleaning ones windows seasonally or yearly or at all. Can leave one with the unsightly and faded clarity of what they were initially firstly. Along with becoming a barrier for sunlight and Vitamin D, dulling the body’s energy levels and in general ones disposition. Depending on how dirty they are, can impact the sale or interest to rent a property.


Fortunately glass is resilient, can be cleaned and withstand chemical treatment and with a good regular wash and scrub, be restored to their natural glory. Using purified water allows the windows to dry without any residue and if needed, a chemical pretreatment can help removed many stubborn stains or hardened dirt that would lead to severe scratching of the glass surface. Using light-weight water-fed poles reduces and removes unnecessary damage from ladders or risk of falls to reach difficult windows. A regular or seasonal clean can keep them prepared for the future and weather to come.


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