Prompt Peak Service FAQs

Here are a few FAQs to provide more information about our business.

  • We strive to always be on-time
  • We’re Fully Insured
  • You’re Guaranteed Friendly Service

Our Window Cleaning starts at £20 and is dependent on the size of your house.

Our Gutter Vacuuming, Pest Control and Jet Washing is based on a case-by-case process to calculate area, access, materials and methods required. So we will come out and provide you with a quote and proceed from there.

Absolutely. There is no obligation at all.

Yes we are fully insured, we can provide copies of our liability insurance on request. Our staff will be wearing Prompt Peak Services branded uniforms, PPE according to each task or job whilst on site. Providing our services professionally and promptly as best we can.

It depends on the service chosen, availability and no Saturdays (Shabbats) other than that, will endeavour to assist as we can.

We are in the process of setting up a GoCardless payment option but until then you will receive a invoice from us with our bank details and will need to pay 50% upfront before the job starts and the remaining amount can be paid once the job is complete.

We use the latest pure water fed pole system to clean windows, this allows us to clean windows without ladders safely from the ground, hard to reach windows above conservatory’s or 3 storey windows can be cleaned with ease. We clean not just the glass but the frames and ledges too, leaving your home sparkling clean. And if needed and accessable, traditional brush and squeegy too.

We use the SkyVac vacuum gutter with carbon fibre poles to reach into your gutters as well as a live view camera recording for proof of work and to record the current state of your gutters. We can also rinse down the gutters, or chemical spray the visible area and wash/brush down. If we encounter blocked down pipes, we can offer to jet spray them clear. If we encounter any minor leaks or simple repairs we will endeavour to fix them.

We have a 3-step process as a industry standard:

  1. Exclusion – Proofing, removing harbourage, eliminating access.
  2. Restriction – Hygiene, additional proofing, traps, eliminating interest ie: food, shelter, climate control, etc.
  3. Destruction – Pesticides or Rodenticides, electronic light traps, etc.

Using our JCB jet washer 3600 psi and 15L/minute, will give dirt a run for its money. We can help revive your pathways or drive to the look they once had. If necessary we can soft-wash with suitable biodegradeable chemicals and biocides that further prolong the life of the surface.